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Err…hi it’s me again…

Just poppin in to say, I’m still alive…

And err…I unlocked the comments again, hopefully I don’t
get spammed again …

To make it up, have some Miko wallpaper, please:


The “poem” is some random stuff I made up, for I am a lousy poet…
It’s supposed to resemble some old style chinese painting, that were often
accompanied by a poem…
Had the idea in a class at university ^^°
And…yeah…one of the “collectors” of those seal’s is actually Mao Tze Dong, was supposed to be a place holder at first, but then I was too lazy to change it later, you you have to live with it, I’m afraid…I just wanted to give a warning, since some people
found it disturbing somehow…

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New wall !

Finally I made something new (*applause*).

Was depressed, looks depressed (hopefully it fullfills it’s purpose).
And the best thing - it comes in TWO versions !
One is slightly brighter…
If you wonder what’s that thing behind her anyway

- it’s the world trade center crashing… ^^°



Considering Comments

Sorry folks, but thanks to the recent spam
i recieve through the comment function i decided to disable this feature temporarily…
(it was barely used anyway)
p.s if you are a spammer and/or programmer of spambots, please go shoot yourself, thank you