Err…hi it’s me again…

Just poppin in to say, I’m still alive…

And err…I unlocked the comments again, hopefully I don’t
get spammed again …

To make it up, have some Miko wallpaper, please:


The “poem” is some random stuff I made up, for I am a lousy poet…
It’s supposed to resemble some old style chinese painting, that were often
accompanied by a poem…
Had the idea in a class at university ^^°
And…yeah…one of the “collectors” of those seal’s is actually Mao Tze Dong, was supposed to be a place holder at first, but then I was too lazy to change it later, you you have to live with it, I’m afraid…I just wanted to give a warning, since some people
found it disturbing somehow…

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New wall !

Finally I made something new (*applause*).

Was depressed, looks depressed (hopefully it fullfills it’s purpose).
And the best thing - it comes in TWO versions !
One is slightly brighter…
If you wonder what’s that thing behind her anyway

- it’s the world trade center crashing… ^^°



Considering Comments

Sorry folks, but thanks to the recent spam
i recieve through the comment function i decided to disable this feature temporarily…
(it was barely used anyway)
p.s if you are a spammer and/or programmer of spambots, please go shoot yourself, thank you


ergo proxy

when i first saw the series, i thought it was quite awesome, freaky HD and
i love women who look like the grim reaper (…but not too much)
unfortunately i never made it past episode 12…
i cant wait for the dvd’s to come out…
this vector is not made by me, it is credited in the tag, i did all the rest…

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Plugsuit-Asuka (style mismatch)

…can’t beat ‘er…asuka can be cute…if she doesn’t talk ^^°
i wanted to do something with forms again, and had this scan of her…
unfortunately the scan did not really fit, so i tried to have it rendered with flash…
that did not really fit either, but i did not want to try any further (lazy as i am), i simply
named it “style mismatch” and considered it done…art can be sooo easy :P

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mahou shoujo ai

i admit, the hentai was not THAT good…but i sure like the drawing style…
the stuff in the back is actually a mirrored cathedral…i cannot remember which one though,
but it gives the whole thing an eerie look, and that’s what it’s supposed to. :P


kill komugi

Got the idea while watching KillBill.
I figured a crossover with komugi would be interesting, not only because komugi is basically rather cute, but she´s also annoying and deserved it :P
it looks a little grainy…but that’s intended…no really…^^


Finally some change…

i did not only finally move my wallpapersite to a new provider, i also got rid of the old, rather crappy looking page and replaced it by a blog…
this does not only allow me to upload, describe and present my latest work better, it also allows you to comment on the wall directly, without having to use the old guestbook.

the next few days, there´ll be some uploading, starting with my recent works,
maybe i´ll change themes sometimes…still a blog newbie…
i cannot think of anything more to write…so…cya ^^°

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